Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I am feeling good. Since I will be out of town next week, I wanted to get as much done on my Victorian Femme goals as possible, that way I can hand-sew my shift and stays for the Amazzone costume while I'm on vacation. (I don't want to lug my machine along with me, and I don't like my mother's machine.) Sunday was my day to work on Samifer's bustle, which was completed. Yesterday through Thursday I allotted for Gabriel's corset, and then Friday through Sunday will be Samifer's petticoat, giving me Monday to make a mock-up of the stays and gather the bits so it will be ready to be worked on. Yesterday was spent basting the silk to the coutil on each piece of of the corset. Getting them lined up can be tricky, so I hand sew it, thus it takes a while. Today I started on the actual stitching, and well, look!
Cording done on all the front pieces, boning channels added to the sides and back, and those pieces stitched together. (While the picture is only of half, I have both sides done to equal completion.) All I need to do is make up some covered channels, add them to the second piece, and stitch it all together. The front channels can't be added until I have the busk, but I should be able to do a final fitting this Saturday. Minus the basting, this thing took a day. A DAY. Mine took over a week. I really feel like I'm hitting my groove. (Beware the groove!)

And one more picture, lest you think Gabriel's corset is a little too similar to Samifer's.
The color is called 'peacock' and it's a lovely bluish-green. It's stitched with brown silk thread, and following the 'accidentally another fandom' theme (see Samifer's TARDIS corset), it's looking very Daenerys Targaryen.
A la this outfit
So I've decided to do dragonscale flossing on it when it's finished. Gabriel fully supports this. Right now I going to take a break for ice cream and beer, and then try to finish this corset.

Update:  Aw yeah.

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