Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sew Historical Fortnightly Challenge #6

So this challenge gave me trouble, but I really didn't want to skip it like the last one. I could think of things I wanted to make, but not a fairy tale they would apply to, or good fairy tales, but not costumes they could be made into. I also wanted something quick, so I didn't take too much time out of my main project. Finally, inspiration hit in the form of this pattern:
Free pattern found here.

I know that not all Disney movies are fairy tale and not all fairy tales are Disney movies, but I had a difficult time separating the two. So I didn't try. My fairy tale character:
Megara, from Disney's Hercules. That slinky dress with shaped bust works perfectly for the 1930s.
Following this advertisement:
I aimed to make a dress like the one third from the left. I choose the longer option for the dress, lilac fabric for the main body, and added a darker purple under bust accent and a low slung belt. I also went with light purple chiffon sleeves, echoing the shawl Meg wears in this scene:
The result:
Then I realized, wait a minute. 1930's. Bombshell make-up. So I pulled my hair back, did up my pretties, and took some glamour shots.
I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I'm handling it. Have a nice day.

The breakdown:
The Challenge:  #6 Fairy Tale

Fabric:  Light purple crepe, dark purple charmeuse, and light purple chiffon.

Pattern: Vera Venus' 1930's Little Bias Dress, linked above

Year: Based on the ad I found featuring a similar dress, around 1933

Notions:  Light and dark purple thread, hem tape, invisible zipper

How historically accurate is it?  I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of ALL THIS POLYESTER. Beside the totally inaccurate fiber, the cut and styling in on par with the time period.

Hours to complete:  8 - 12. I didn't really keep good track of time, but it came together quickly.

First worn:  Tonight, because that I have it on and my make-up done up, I don't wanna take it off.

Total cost:  $40, give or take.

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