Friday, April 11, 2014

I've been a bad, bad girl

So you know how I said I wouldn't work on the Amazzone Perugina costume until after I finished my Victorian Femme goals? Well, that only really works as long as I have Victorian Femme things to sew. But once I finished Gabriel's mock-up, I didn't have anything else to work on. Without Samifer's measurements I couldn't start her bustle, and without a busk I couldn't finish Castiel's corset. So, in lieu of not sewing anything at all, I started on an 18th century shift. (I should be working on Crowley's socks for the upcoming Sew Historical challenge, but I didn't wanna.)
If it doesn't look like I got much done, that's because I decided to hand sew it. Yes, the part of the costume least likely to be seen by another human soul (except my husband, who couldn't tell hand stitching from machine and wouldn't care anyways.) I don't know why, I just wanted to. I have the lower gussets stitched on, selvage to selvage with the smallest seam I could manage, and I have one sleeve and underarm gusset attached. Once all the seams are stitched I'll flat fell them, but right now I'm just getting it together. I haven't cut the neckline yet, as I intend to cut it small and then trim it proper once I have stays. I'm also going to make the sleeves a little short for the period, so it can transition into Regency. I also found some fabric in the stash to use for pockets:
It's one of those overly bright patterns that you're never sure how you came to own, but there's more than you know what to do with. The pattern makes me thinks of the designs on embroidered pockets, and it's as good a use as any for a fabric I'd have a hard time wearing.

This will be the last Amazzone update for a while, though, since I now have the needed measurements for Samifer's bustle and will be doing a corset fitting on Gabriel tomorrow.

Nothing like more sewing projects to encourage you to work on all your other sewing projects.

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