Saturday, March 29, 2014


I have made my first petticoat. It isn't super great, but it's fluffy and fits and I'm digging it. I didn't use a pattern, but based it off of this image:
I divided the back and side back pieces and added wto tiers of ruffles. I also haphazardly threw in two rows of cording, to help it stand out and prevent me tripping on it. The result:

I don't like how obvious the outline of my top bustle bone is, but when I add the skirt and over skirt it should disappear. If not, I'll add a ruffle on the bustle itself to hide it. Either way, I'll not worried.

The petticoat has a placket onto which I'm going to put hook and eye closures (it's only pinned on in this picture), as well as a drawstring since it has a tendency to pull away from my back due to the bustle. I also added another button to my bustle since I was having an issue with it shifting once the petticoat was on.

The second fitting of Castiel's corset went beautifully, and I'm ready to start working on it. I still don't have a busk, but I can do everything else up to that point.

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