Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Wild Corset Appears

Sorry for the disappearance, I've been busy of late. (Busy watching Haven on Netflix, but who's counting.) I wasn't able to do the latest HSF challenge, because I already was busy with the second corset, which is now finished.

The corset before binding. The blue fabric is a silk dress I purchased for $3 at Goodwill. My phone isn't good with details, but it has a floral and paisley design to it. There wasn't enough to do boning channels as well (it was only a size 4, and knee length, but it had a wrap-front skirt which yielded almost half of the corset pieces on its own), so after conferring with Samifer, black silk was chosen. It is stitched with white silk thread.

Samifer in her finished corset, also wearing her chemise and drawers . . . which I'm now realizing she had her chemise inside out since that's not what the embroidery is supposed to look like. Anywho, she likes it. It's a good fit, though the bust could have been tighter, and she hourglasses well. I may need to pick up more lacing, as it's more difficult than it should be to get the busk closed, but otherwise I'm happy. (The fact that Samifer's corset is in TARDIS colors is completely coincidental. Also, awesome.)

Next up on the list is Castiel, but since I'm going to have to order more busks (when I went to Richard the Thread they only two busks in the size I need), I may start intermittently working on my bustle.

I'm going to try for the next HSF challenge, but I honestly cannot think of a favorite fairy tale, so I may skip it due to creativity block.

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