Wednesday, February 5, 2014

O Frabjous Day

Since I live about an hour from Los Angeles, I figured I'd be able to buy all my corset supplies locally. But since Farthingales L.A. closed down, I started looking for other places. I'd found a link for Richard the Thread, which is in L.A., but comparing the price of boning to another internet store, it was much more expensive. Plus, their spoon busks only come in 11" and 12" sizes, and I was going to need closer to a 14" for four of the corsets. So they dropped off my radar. Today I got the idea to check just coutil, since it would probably be the most expensive part to ship, and if I could find it in L.A. it would save me quite a bit of monies. (Random note: spell check red lines "coutil," but not "monies" so I did a search. Monies is an actual word and is the plural of money. I thought it was just an internet thing.) Richard the Thread came up in my search, so I checked their price. It's almost half the cost of the place I was thinking about getting it! Even with the online minimum of 5 yards, it would still cost me less than 4 yards from another store. So I started looking at other things, and found that everything except the boning and the longer busks are cheaper at RtT.

So now to plan a trip to L.A.

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