Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So the last couple days I've been crocheting, embroidering, and making things for work in an effort to avoid working on Step 3: Corsets. Everyone is going to need a corset for their costumes, and I am drafting custom corsets for the best and most comfortable fit possible. I've finished most of the drafts, but for a good fit I'm going to need to do mock-ups. And I've been scared. I've seen plenty of costuming blogs were someone states "since none of my current corsets will work for what I'm planning, I made a new one using this and this and that . . ." But I've only made one corset before, and I'm nervous. So I've been putting it off. But that needs to stop if I'm going to be able to finish everything in time. So I pulled out some canvas duck that I got as a cheap-o remnant a while ago, ironed it it, and starting laying out the pieces for my corset. I still need to make lacing strips, but I have zip ties to approximate boning and I should be able to figure out the basic shape. On the plus side, the remnant I have is half a yard by 60", and my pieces fit perfectly with some fabric left over. Which means when it comes time to order the coutil, I'm going to need half a yard per corset, with some extra for binding and boning channels. Which is a lot more financially friendly than the yard per corset I was estimating. Time to get back to work.
Pieces, ready to be cut.

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