Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Made my corset mock-up today. It was a little loose through the bust and hips, but as cotton duck has some bias stretch whereas the coutil I'm going to use on the finished product does not, I'm going to stick with the sizing. The waist cinched in nicely, and I was quite happy with the shape. It was, however, too long on the bottom, so I marked with a pencil the almost 2" that need to be removed in some places, while also realizing that it's a bit too short on top. I added half an inch in front, curving it around to a full inch in the very back. It was comfortable, and I think it will turn out very nicely.

The mock-up. That weird dark strip in the very front is just a shadow. The black bits poking me in the boobs is the tops of the zip ties I used for temporary boning. The top of the corset hits me right at nipple height, which I find annoying.

The roughly drawn pencil marks are where the corset should end, tested while I was sitting down, as well as by inspection in the mirror.

The new lines, added to the pattern draft.

The corset was tested using the new lacing strips I made, following this tutorial by Bridges on the Body.

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