Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sew Historical Fortnightly 2014

So I realized that amidst all my big plans, I completely over looked the Sew Historical Fortnightly Challenge #1. Luckily, I have something that qualifies for challenge 2: Innovation. My combination undergarment.

Combinations are a single garment that serves the function of a chemise and drawers. Combinations were a way to free up women from the mounds of undergarments that they were expected to wear. The reduction of cloth helped to create the trimmed waist that was *the* look in the 1880s, but also paved the way for women to wear less and have greater freedom of movement. It was a small step, but an important one.

The Challenge: #2, Innovation

Fabric: White Cotton Muslin

Pattern: My own creation

Year: Combinations came about in the 1870s, but I plan to wear mine under an 1880s outfit

Notions: Cotton thread, 8 buttons, ribbons, handmade lace

How historically accurate is it? I could have used a lighter weight fabric, the buttons are plastic, the ribbons are polyester, and the yarn I used was 20% man made fibers. In the macro, the waist should have been higher. Overall, not bad, but the devil's in the details.

Hours to complete: With pattern drafting, fiddling with the fit, crocheting the lace, and handstitching buttonholes, quite a few. I'd say around 80.

First worn: For pictures a few days ago.

Total cost: Muslin was $1.50 a yard, the yarn for the lace was a gift, the buttons were stolen from a jacket, the ribbons were $1 and $3, respectively. So less than $10.

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