Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ups and downs

Did the corset fitting on Samifer today, unfortunately I had to do it right before she left for work, so I wasn't able to get pictures. The waist was good, so was the back support, and I marked all the alterations to the top and bottom edge. It seemed a bit loose at the bust, but after reading an article about a woman did the fitting in duck, took in where needed and made the corset in coutil, and then found the hips to be FOUR inches too small due to bias stretch of the mock-up, I'm terrified to take in anything at the bust or hip. When I make the corset proper, I'll do a fitting after sewing the seams but BEFORE I flat-fell them, so I can be certain of fit. I'm going to sew the non-seam boning channels on to the pieces of the corset before sewing it all together because it's easier that way, so when testing size I'll still have boning, just not at the seams.

On the downside: my left hip is out. Not all the way, screaming in pain out, but sitting is an exercise in tolerance and my back keeps spasming due to the unevenness out. I screwed up my joints years ago, due to my habit of shoving every book I owned into my backpack and then only wearing it on one shoulder. Now one or the other hip will go out occasionally, but most of the time I can get them get in. Not today. Hopefully sleeping will help and I'll free better in the morning. Or at the very least maybe I can pop it back in in the morning.

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