Saturday, September 6, 2014

Upcoming Tutorial

I've been wanting to make tutorials for the things I do ever since I started blogging regularly. I deeply appreciate the tutorials other people put on the web and they have helped me immensely, so I want to add to the pool. However, every time I try I either forget to take photos so I have nothing to post, or I suddenly hate all the photos I took as well as my writing voice and so make a short post. Not this time.

I took a pause from my bodice to work on a Regency turban for the upcoming Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge, and will be posting a tutorial about it. I was originally planning to make a toned down turban that I could wear out with regular clothes but dress up as needed, but then I remembered I'm a white girl.

Shocking, I know, when did that happen?

I like the style of the wrap turbans, so even though mine is a fixed cap it looks similar to a wrap style, which may be deemed culturally insensitive to people who aren't familiar with the Regency fad of women's turbans. Since that idea is dead I'm going full crazy with the trimming, so there will be pearls involved. Until then, here are some of the inspiration pictures that spawned my turban.
Fashion Plate from Costumes Parisiens
Sarah Sophia Child Villiers, Countess of Jersey
Two Opera Dresses

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