Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bodices of friendship

Crowley was down for a recent visit, so I had her try on all of her clothes so I could figure out hemming lengths and button placement and so forth. I also threw my bodice mock-up on her as well, because despite being significantly shorter we have nearly identical measurements. I was able to pin it, mark it, and notate it enough that I'll be able to make her bodice without making another mock-up. In fact, if I'm lucky I'll be able to make all five bodices with only six mock-ups. It took two for me, and I was able to use the revised version to fit Crowley. It took two for Cas, and her bodice is nearly finished. I'll likely need two for Samifer, but I may be able to use the best fit one to figure out Gabriel as she has similar measurements. Even if I need seven mock-ups total, I'll still consider that a win. And now, photos:
Cas in her walking skirt, the day I did the mock-ups for her bodice. Also: eyebrow. Also also: you can see her toesies.
My cat, 'helping' me sew.
Crowley, now with added butt.
Next was the petticoat.
Crowley skirt front
And side. Her boyfriend was surprised at shelf-butt, and tested to see if you can rest a drink on it. Result: you can. If drink had not been a lidded cup of water, added result would have been dead boyfriend.
I went on a trail ride with Cas, Crowley, and Samifer (who owns a trail riding business) on Sunday. This is Athena (left) and Remi (right) flirting.
Stay tuned for pictures of Castiel's bodice, the panicked realization that I only have about a month left until my deadline, and photos of my upcoming trip to Idaho where I will bring lots of things to work on and then spend most of my time drinking and fishing.

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