Friday, September 19, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly #17 Yellow

So I've had this challenge finished for the last couple of days, but I've too lazy too write up the post.

For the tutorial of how I made my Regency turban, click here.

I didn't want to go full yellow on this, but with a yellow plaid band, yellow trim and cording, and yellow tassels, this turban would be boring without. It was difficult to find a way to make yellow work since I tend to avoid it, but I'm happy with my finished project and may end up doing a matching burgundy and yellow pelisse one day.

The Challenge: #17 Yellow

Fabric: Half a yard of burgundy linen, a strip of yellow plaid cotton, and some cotton muslin to line it.

Pattern: Based off of this tutorial from Festive Attyre and this method for making the roll.

Year:1810ish, I didn't really try for a specific year

Notions: Cotton, silk, and polyester thread, brown and yellow polyester trim and cording, two tassels, brown poly-cotton piping, about 180 fake pearls, one paper fedora, polyester ribbon, cotton batting, one metal and one plastic button.

How historically accurate is it? Most of the trims are polyester and I didn't copy a design specifically, but the fabric is okay for the period and I pulled elements directly from fashion plates, not to mention the whole thing is handsewn, so maybe 50-60%?

Hours to complete: 15ish?

First worn: Not yet

Total cost: The linen was $4, the muslin a leftover, hat was $1, plaid was $2.50 a yard, trims were mostly dollar packs but the pearls were $4 a pack so let's say $25 abouts.

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