Sunday, July 13, 2014


On Friday I received some bad news (no one died, but it was still life changing news). I cried, I panicked, I got over myself and made an action plan. Things are going to be okay, but it's scary and I'm going to be busy over the next few weeks.

Yesterday was spent moping. Do you have mope days? You don't cry cause 'been there done that' and you don't need the headache, and you don't really freak out because it won't lead anywhere so you'd rather not take that path; you just ignore all your responsibilities and sit around to prove to yourself you still have control of your life. One of those days where chocolate, pickles, and ramen all sound equally good and you'd eat all three if you had 'em. One of those days where you need a small, brainless project that you know you can finish before dinner just to feel a sense of accomplishment. One of those days where a Netflix marathon is its own form of therapy. A Mope Day.

Yesterday was a Mope Day and I decided to make a set of pockets to go with my new petticoat. I pulled out fabric I'd been planning on using for pockets:
Drafted a pattern by hand, cut out four pieces, cut a slit in two, and bound the pieces together by hand using bias tape. The result:
I used the cotton twill tape the I had wanted to be my petticoat waistband to be the pocket ties. There was just enough to be able to tie it around my waist, so I stitched the pockets to it.
Over normal clothes, because I don't have full 18th century undergarments
The pockets are only attached to the waistband at the corners, since stays and a bum pad will likely change the placement. If I have to move them I can do so easily, and once I'm sure of placement I'll stitch the top of the pockets to the waistband as well.

The Challenge: #13 Under $10

Fabric: Cotton print bought years ago

Pattern: Made by me, based on the shape of existent pockets

Year: 18th century

Notions: Green thread, cotton twill tape, and pre-made bias tape

How historically accurate is it? The print is wrong, and both the bias tape and thread are cotton-poly blends. But the shape and construction are good. 75 or 80%?

Hours to complete: 5ish. The first pocket was done in an hour and a half, but the second took longer because I had to keep pausing to help my husband hack the terminals in Fallout 3. I am a pro at hacking in that game.

First worn: Just for the photoshoot

Total cost: Fabric was a remnant, I think it cost between $2-$4. The bias tape was a $1 clearance item, the thread was a gift and the cotton twill was leftover from a previous project. So total about $5.

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