Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Panic and Things Accomplished

In my last post I mentioned receiving some life changing news. My husband and I were informed that we had to be out of our home by the end of the month.


It was only a day or two later that we were told the timeline had changed, we had until the end of the week.

Double Fuck

We still own our home (which is an RV), and we can still store things in it, but it had to be moved to a different property and we could no longer live in it (it is illegal to live in an RV unless you're in an RV park. It's very common in So Cal, especially on horse properties, because land is so expensive. The law isn't really enforced, but the county will kick you out if there's a complaint. And guess what? There was a complaint.)

So on Thursday my husband and I packed up our stuff, moved into our friends' loft, and had our RV moved to a different property. It was painful, and hectic. We had been living in our trailer for about five years in four different locations in three cities. Just the two of us and our one little bird (cat).

Our trailer is too old to be accepted into most parks, but we're looking into our housing opportunities and hopefully soon we will have a stable place again. And we are lucky to have such a wonderful support network.

I spent the first few days cleaning and organizing and getting used to the new environment. Yesterday I finally decided it was time to start sewing again. I was able to finish my skirt and am halfway through Castiel's petticoat. I need to pick up more muslin, but I should be finished with it tomorrow. Then there's Gabriel's bustle/petticoat combination, and I may even get Samifer's skirt done by the end of the month. I don't have any pictures yet, but they will be coming soon.

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