Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Today has been the source of a number of small irritations.

I forgot to pick up a squirt bottle while out shopping, which I need to make a vinegar solution to set the pleats of my skirt.

I can't find my grosgrain ribbon that I bought to make the ties for the bustles. I remember calculating how much ribbon I would need and buying it ahead of time so I would have it on hand for bustles. Now it's missing.

Not to mention that Gabriel didn't come to gaming on Tuesday, so I wasn't able to get her measurements for her bustle.

I had to spend twenty minutes to find a copy of my preferred character sheet for Pathfinder on the internet, and then ran out of paper while printing copies. And since I didn't collate my printing, I have five first pages and no second or third pages.

As a result, no sewing was accomplished today. Things were pinned, and fabric was purchased for me to make padded armor for a friend, but I didn't really DO anything.

That's a lie. I made tacos. And they were good tacos.

Luckily I'm working tomorrow (yay money!) and I can pick up some ribbon while I'm there. Maybe even a squirt bottle. One way or another, Castiel's bustle will be finished tomorrow. And even if I have to drive to Thousand Oaks myself, I will get Gabriel in her corset and take her measurements before she leaves for fieldwork.

So there

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