Saturday, July 5, 2014

So it is begun, again

I have officially decided to stop dicking around. I sat down today and wrote an introduction to Victorian clothes for my friends. Two of the group have worn corsets before and are comfortable with them, the other two are not. No one is terribly familiar with Victorian clothing, so I figured a guide was in order. I broke down what everyone would be wearing, the purpose of it, and the order it was worn, as well as how to care for things. Much easier to type it all up and email it to people than to tell everyone individually.

I also cut the pieces of my skirt today. I've been nervous about it because if the undergarments don't look pretty, but are still functional, it's not a big deal. But if the actual outfit doesn't look good, you done fucked up. So yeah, nervous. But I'm also starting to get nervous of my timeline. Gabriel is going to be gone for about a month doing fieldwork (she is an archeologist), so I need to get as much done while I have her. And I've got a wedding to attend at the end of the month, possibly one in September, and a week long vacation in October. So I've got to actually get to work.

My skirt is going to be pleated, alternating stripes of denim blue quilter's cotton and a teal and green plaid. The plain blue is heavy enough to stand alone, but the plaid is going to need to be flatlined. The plaid is too light (I can see through it when folded double), and it wasn't printed perfectly on grain. Since I cut along the lines of the plaid instead of on par with the selvage, I want to flatline it to avoid any possible bias stretch. Then I can sew the pieces together, pleat them, and add the waistband. I'm uncertain about the hem. I have the selvage at the hem edge, which looks tacky, but I worry that a hem facing will be too bulky. I guess I'll play around with it once it's all stitched together. I just don't want to disturb the look of the pleats.

Progress shots as progress happens. Until then.

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