Saturday, July 26, 2014

Two Petticoats done

. . . well, almost.

I have Castiel's petticoat done minus hook and bar closure, and Gabriel's bustle/petticoat combination is finished minus hemming and buttons. Cas' will be done as soon as I can convince her to put on her corset and bustle for fitting. It may need to be shortened, but if so I'll add tucks. Here's what hers looks like:
Back view showing ruffle.
Close-up of ruffle. Three rows of cording made by folding the fabric in half and stitching with the cord sandwiched in-between. Then I stitched the cording flat to the rest of the ruffle with lace underneath.
The hem is decorated with a grey Vandyke border that reminds me of the tips of feathers. Where did I find such nice trim?
$1 for three yards rick-rack, stitched so only half shows beyond the hem. And now you know my secrets.

Gabriel's bustled petticoat is based off of some images I found online. I won't be able to continue work on her outfit until she returns from her fieldwork next month.
The front two-thirds are plain, with the back third boned. There is a ruffle that goes around the entire skirt at knee level, and a separate piece of fabric with five rows of ruffles that covers the boning and back of the skirt.
With the ruffles moved aside you can see the boning underneath.
The back ruffles are trimmed in green bias tape for contrast and to help them stand out better. I'll probably add some little hooks and eyes to the back ruffle piece to prevent shifting. Still need to do the photo shoot for my skirt, but I'm feeling accomplished so far. I'll be switching gears soon and doing a mock-up for my friend's quilted armor, but I still think I'll be able to start Samifer's skirt before August. Things are finally starting to come together.

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