Sunday, July 6, 2014

Skirt Loading

Had full intention to take laundry, scissors, needle, thread, ruler, and fabric over to a friend's today so I could do a few loads and flatline my plaid to some muslin. I remembered everything . . . except my ruler. Unfortunately, the only ruler they had was a cheap plastic dollar store kind, which would be incredibly inaccurate at measuring out pieces forty-four inches long. (I'm sure some people could carefully measure out such long pieces with only a twelve inch ruler, but I have to triple check my eighteen inch quilter's ruler because I notoriously skew lines. Not worth the risk.) As a result, no flatlining was achieved until I got home. This was further delayed by my cat deciding to help.
Besides pulling the fabric out of my hands and unthreading my needle, she is also supremely skilled at attacking my fingers through the fabric and putting her head right where I want the needle to go.
Despite all this I still managed to get two of the eight pieces done. The rest should be finished tomorrow, and I can start sewing pieces together.
The teal plaid flatlined to white muslin. The color is a lot brighter in person, but this photo was taken after sunset when my phone is at its worst for color sensitivity.
Luckily, the laundry trip was not a total bust. Besides doing three loads, I was able to take Castiel's corseted measurements. I'll probably pause the skirt for a day or two  this week to make up Castiel's bustle and petticoat. If I'm able to get Gabriel's corseted measurements on Tuesday, I'll probably do them all together. If I can get all of the undergarments for everyone done this month, I will be a happy panda.

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