Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So I realized that I never posted the pictures of Gabriel in her corset, so here you go:
As you can see, Gabriel has no ribcage, thus she hourglasses really well. It has also been decided that she has five gallons of tits.

Crowley's corset is done minus the flossing. She had to leave before I was done binding, so I laced her into it unfinished so I could take her measurements before she left.
You can see the part of the top binding hanging loose, but it was sound enough to try on. Ignore the lint on her chemise.
So scandalous
I finished the binding after she left, and added trim.
Need to buy lacing and floss, but it's basically done.
Close-up of trim, and a better image of the color. The corset is a olive green silk, stitched with gold silk thread, and bound in a chocolate brown silk. The trim is some polyester stuff that I had kicking around, and it matched nicely.

I realized that I didn't buy nearly enough fabric for Castiel's outfit, so I was barely able to cut out all the skirt panels. I'll be able to make the placket, and maybe the waistband, but there isn't enough left for the hem facing and the bodice, so I'll be buying more come payday.

Plans for this month include finishing all of Crowley's undergarments, and all of the skirts. Maybe a bodice or two as well. We'll see where I get.

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