Thursday, August 28, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly #16

With Crowley's skirt finished I can finally move on to bodices. The project is really starting to pull together, and since I'll probably have my nose to the sewing machine for the next couple of days I figured I'd make my HSF post early.

The term I decided to use was actually from a recent post: Brocade.

You can see the black on black patterning on the fabric to the right.
Crowley's skirt uses a black damask as the center front panel, with a black shirting cotton for the main body.
My phone makes it look bluish. It's not.
Crowley as a character wears all black, with simple tailored lines and a black brocade tie as the only shine against flat black.
For my Victorian Femme Crowley, the damask takes the front and center, while the rest of the skirt is bustled up in a frothy period look.
Close-up. Center front on the right. Skirt is bustled in three sets of three pleats, perfect of the son of a witch.

The Breakdown:

The Challenge:  #16 Terminology

Fabric:  Black cotton shirting, polyester damask

Pattern: 1880s skirt pattern, from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1860 - 1940

Year: Mid-1880s

Notions:  Black cotton thread, polyester ribbon braid, cotton twill tape, polyester ribbon, plastic buttons, hooks and bars

How historically accurate is it?  The technique is good, but the damask is synthetic, as is the trim. I ran out of cotton twill tape for bustling, so one of the interior ties is polyester ribbon. Maybe 50%?

Hours to complete: 10ish

First worn:  Not worn yet

Total cost:  $25-40. I don't remember how much everything cost.

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