Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly #15

Short post, and a bit late, but I made a walking skirt!

This skirt is made using the same pattern as all of my late 1880s skirts, but altered to be larger for the wearer. It is unlined, so it's not overly hot to wear.
It has an eight inch deep hem facing, as well as half inch horsehair braid to keep the hem wide and easy to walk in. This skirt was made for Castiel for my Victorian Femme Supernatural Cosplay project.
This skirt has the best waistband of those I've made thus far; it is two inches wide, faced, and was cut slightly curved so there is no bunching or folding. The skirt closes with two buttons on the waistband and two hooks and bars on the placket.

It's pretty simple, but practical and comfortable. Photos of Cas wearing it soon to follow (hopefully!)

The Breakdown:
The Challenge: #15: The Great Outdoors

Fabric:  Black linen/cotton blend

Pattern: Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1860-1940, 1880s skirt

Year:  mid-1880s

Notions:  Black cotton thread, two hooks and bars, two buttons, 120" half inch polyester horsehair braid

How historically accurate is it?  Very, minus the polyester and the fact that the buttons are plastic. 90-95%?

Hours to complete:  Didn't count, maybe 15 since the handmade the buttonholes and hand-stitched the hem facing.

First worn: Not worn yet

Total cost:  ~$35

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