Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Attack of the Sewing Accomplishments

I have been steamrolling through projects, finishing things and marking them off the list. Motivation has been high, and with all the undergarments done I am excited to be working on the bits that people will actually get to see. However, obsession is starting to set in, so I am taking a break today to remember to sleep and eat. (When I get too into a project, I skip meals and start start shaving time off of my sleep schedule in order to keep working on it. I don't want that to happen with this project; I want to work in a relaxed, healthy pace. So I get a day off.)

Things completed include Crowley's bustle:
Made larger than the others for more effect. Black twill stitched in red with purchased bias tape around the edges.
Laying down
Crowley's petticoat:
I didn't have enough fabric to make it as poofy as I'd like, but I did have 2/3s of a yard of 50inch wide black lace that I bought as a remnant to add a bit more volume. It helps.
On hanger with bustle underneath, assisted by my wonderful husband. (Sorry it's so blurry)
Gabriel's skirt:
While being tried on for length (the TARDIS shirt is because this was right before a group of us sat down for the season premier of Doctor Who)
Side view
Completed. The skirt is an indigo cotton, flatlined to a heavier cotton. It is trimmed in green bias tape, made from the same fabric as her jacket will be made from. The contrast panel is a silver-grey cotton/linen blend, to hint at her angelic heritage.
Close-up of the buttons. These same buttons will be used on the jacket, and smaller matching ones used on the bodice.
Gabriel's bustle-petticoat combination needs to be taken in (she lost to much weight while doing fieldwork) and everything listed still needs closures, but I still count them as done.

Crowley's skirt is about 80% done.
All of the panels are sewn together.
Better image of the color. The ribbon trim that you see between the two fabrics is only on one side. I still need to apply it to the other.
The main body of the skirt is extra long and pleated to the center front piece. Twill tape will be added with the waistband, and the skirt will be bustled in the back. Once the other side of the ribbon trim has been added, all the skirt will need is a waistband (with hanging twill ties) and a hem. Should have it finished (minus the hem) in time for the next HSF challenge.

Current checklist:
Chemises - Completed
Drawers - Completed
Corsets - Completed
Bustles - Completed
Petticoats - Completed
Skirts - 4/5 Completed
Bodices - 0/5
Overskirts and accessories - 0/5

With just over two months left on my timeline, expect to see completed outfits soon.

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