Friday, January 10, 2014

What have I gotten myself into . . .

I have never claimed to be sane. And when a crafty idea strikes me, I have to sketch it out and sometimes follow through to project completion, or there are consequences. As in: brain working non-stop, can't sleep, can't eat, cannot even with my life. Most of the time I can just draw, make up diagrams, choose materials, and let it go without buying a damn thing. But sometimes the idea is more forceful than that. Sometimes, it wants more.

Part of my plan for this new year to learn to balance my need to bring an idea to life with my actual and current life. I have my friends that should be visited, food that should be made and then eaten, a husband that wants to talk about something other than fabric or yarn, and a job that requires my presence in order to give me money. So of course this would be the year that the biggest, most consuming, most potentially awesome idea would occur to me.

Couple years ago I sold my soul to the Supernatural fandom. I do not regret this decision, which is probably an indicator of my insanity. Then, while scrolling through costuming blogs I found pictures a group who did a Victorian Femme Doctor Who cosplay, with each woman wearing a Victorian interpretation of each Doctor's outfit. And it was awesome. So I thought, "You know what would be equally awesome? Victorian Femme Supernatural cosplay."

And that's where it stopped. For over a year it's just been a cool idea at the back of my mind. I'd be Dean, my friend B would be Cas. When my friend Brittany became addicted, I brought it up and she chose Gabriel, but it wasn't serious. But all this time I've been slowly mulling over how it would be done. And now the idea has reached critical.

I have all the major players picked out. I have 19 pages of designs for 5 outfits, including underpinnings, not including rejected designs. I have some fabric and supplies bought. I have patterns to base my designs on, and some financial support as well. And worst of all (best of all), I have a timeline. A Tribute to Supernatural Convention, in Burbank, this November. I'm pretty sure I just found out my crazy has a secret underground swimming pool. Luckily, all my friends know how to swim.

This is going to be epic.

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