Monday, January 13, 2014

Combination Underwear: Complete

For the Victorian Femme Supernatural Cosplay, I have picked the 1880's as the decade to dress. People tend to lump the Victorian era together, but styles changed considerably over the years. Just compare the more modern 1960s, 70s, and 80s; styles change. The 1880s had bustled back, giving women great booty. Sleeves were tight and bodices tailored. Cotton had become cheaper, leading it to slowly replace linen in dress.

In previous decades women wore a chemise, which was a mid-thigh length slip, and drawers, which were knee length crotchless shorts, as undergarments. The chemise was worn to protect the corset from sweat and body oils, while the drawers were worn for modesty's sake should the wind or an accident cause the skirt to blow up. They were crotchless to ease bathroom use. The 1880s saw a new garment, the combination, which was a chemise and drawers in one. By this point many of the petticoats worn by women were removed in order to create a leaner look and to make lives easier. By combining the chemise and the petticoat into one, more garment bulk was removed.

I figured Dean would wear a combination, because when you live out of a suitcase you want to carry as few articles as possible. My combination is white muslin, with a bit of lace and a burgundy velvet ribbon at the neck. The pattern is my own, based on an actual 1880s drawers and chemise pattern, which I linked in my last post. I still need to sew on buttons and make buttonholes, so pictures will follow soon.

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