Monday, November 24, 2014

And there was much rejoicing; yay.

So the convention was great, all of the bodices were boned in time (Gabriel's being boned on the drive down but finished before first wearing). It was amazing, we went to the panels, the karaoke, the cabaret, and got to meet a few of the actors. We won second place in the costume contest, mostly because Osric Chau personally pushed for us because despite an unenthusiastic response from the crowd he could see how much work went into it. The person who won first place totally had a novel concept behind her idea and was utterly deserving of the first place position. But I'll take it next year ;). I'm still waiting on photos to be able to post shots of the costumes, but they will be coming soon.

It was amazing to be able to spend a weekend with friends. So often when we hang out other things end up happening. Samifer has to go out to the ranch to tend to horses. Gabriel has work to do for school. There was an emergency at the cat shelter and Crowley wasn't able to make it down like she hoped. Castiel has to cover someone's shift. For the first time in ever, the five of us were able to just hang out. No one else, no priorities, no emergencies to be handled, no one to hold ourselves accountable to. We decide to skip a panel and sleep? No big. We all realize we're hungry? There was a fast food village across the street that we tried and graded and ate at when we felt like it. We decided to find a geek shop and pick up new dice for the Dungeons and Dragons game that I was running (only my third time ever GMing) and got to laugh about the faces the men who were there made when almost a half dozen women walked in and made a bee line for the dice. (We did not get the 'women in a comic book store' discount, so they obviously get female patrons, but they were still kind of shocked to see such a large group without any menfolk in sight.)

When I got back my husband had hoped I'd take a break from sewing for a while, but I'm not as burnt out as I thought I'd be. So my piece for the next Sew Historical challenge is already finished, and a post will be forthcoming. A co-worker who went to a Supernatural convention in 2013 said she was already planning to attend this year before the previous con had ended. With my friends, it was the same. By Saturday we were already making plans as to which tickets to get for 2015, things we need to bring, things we didn't end up using, and what the costumes should be.

I'm feeling viped and want to do more. Of everything. And even with working the holiday season and the stress that brings, I'm finding my energy. And it feels good.

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