Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Convention? Convention!

First of all, let me say:


Secondly: I did it! As of today I sewed the buttons and buttonholes onto Gabriel's bodice, meaning all costumes are officially wearable. Awww yeah! With two more days until the convention, I can bone the bodices that still need bones, add in pockets where I can, and generally take it easy. There are still some minor things: waist tapes that have hooks but still need eyes, Samifer's and maybe Crowley's bodices need hooks to attach bodice to skirt in order to prevent gaps when arms are raised. All little things that can be done day of if needed. I don't have enough boning caps to bone all the bodices, but I'll pick up some heat shrink tubing to cap them with. Castiel has offered to help me sew the boning in, and between the two of us we should be able to get the boning in and the seam allowances whipped. We've also been working on props. She completed stage one of angel blades today, and I've turned two confetti guns into the Colt and Dean's gun.

Gabriel's bodice. This was before the buttons were on; I was checking the overlap to figure out button placement. I also needed to see if the bodice was long enough that I could do a facing or if I needed to bias bind. I was able to do a facing.
Gabriel's bodice was hard to fit as she has 5 gallons of tits. Seriously. So many bust alterations.
The (confetti) Colt. This will be carried by Crowley, since he has the Colt when you first meet him.
Dean's (confetti) gun. Displayed on yarn because it was still drying. I will be carrying it. Also, all of the confetti shots were topped off with glitter, for the ultimate "I will fuck you up"
My Samulet. It has since been painted. It's too big, but still wearable. Apparently my friend ordered one for me online, but if it doesn't arrive in time I will wear the one I made.
I made a little rose pin for Samifer to wear. I was unhappy with the rose selection available, but this turned out well I think.
I actually bought these for a Halloween costume for myself, but I think they'll look great on Samifer.
The piece de resistance. I designed this guy on Cafe Press, and now I finally have an awesome flask. I've been wanting a good one for years, but was never satisfied with the ones I found. This one's smaller than I'd originally hoped, but that makes it perfect to slip in a back pocket. It reads: "Sometimes, wrestling with my demons is the only exercise I get"
Still to come: angel blade pictures, full costume images, and convention weekend photos. This thing I've been planning since January has finally come to fruition. And I still have two more days before we head to Burbank. My head is so full of fuck right now.

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