Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bag of Happiness

In a previous post I alluded to a bag of vintage sewing supplies I found. I figured it was finally time to show off what I got.

Couple of months ago I went up to Ojai to visit the farmers market. My favorite coffee is a local roast, which I've only found for sale at a Cajun restaurant and the farmers market. After some shopping, I was trying to kill time before another store I wanted visit opened, and I discovered I was lucky enough to be there while the monthly peddlers fair was occurring. After wondering the tables, I found one selling some crocheted lace. There was at least a yard of each, so I bought a few.

This one is actually two pieces, each one over 18 inches long
Then there's this lovely edging
This piece isn't crocheted, but it's nice and will add some pop to a costume one day
Most of the lace was rolled into little cakes, and safety pinned together, with some mother of pearl buttons threaded onto the pins to prevent them from damaging the lace. So on top of the lace, I also got 6 buttons.

After that first find I decided to really explore that table, and found a ziplock bag with some fabric and other sewing stuff in it, so I grabbed that. After buying it I was able to discover all it held.
There were three pieces of fabric. The brown floral and the white with periods and commas are both fat quarters. You'll recognize the brown floral from my 18th century housewife. The piece to the right with the tea and croissant is not much bigger than shown, and I'm thinking it will be a steampunk bag (to hold tea supplies, of course).
 There's some blue and purple floral trim, a long, triangular piece of cut lace, a ton of hooks and loops or bars, and some packs of pins and needles. There's also buttons, plastic and mother of pearl, and some flower appliques.
Here's more buttons, a bunch of snaps (various sizes), three zippers, and a spool of gold and red trim. That plastic container in the upper right is full of tiny buttons.
Check out this button. It's hard to photograph, but its lavender with a pearlescent shine that makes it look light blue.
Now my favorite part. Besides the beeswax and piece of elastic, there is a whole lot of cotton bias tape and rayon seam binding. There's also a pack of nylon stretch lace seam binding. Some of the packs have been used, but some are completely unopened. There's also some iron-on patches.
The bag was $10, and the lace was $3 each, but I was able to get the lot for just $15. An awesome find, one I'm really happy with. I almost made it out with just this, but then I found some pins and had to get one.
This guy is about 4 inches long and only cost me $1. I've been trying to go back, but I've been working the Sunday of the peddlers fair every month. Hopefully this month, cross my fingers.

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