Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Year . . .

. . . A new line of challenges.

My failed attempt to make the Mary of Hapsburg hemd in time for the last Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was partly due to the fact it needed full concentration and thus couldn't be combined with Netflix, and partly because I came up with a couple of awesome present ideas so they took priority. I still have presents to finish, but here are my current plans for 2015.

1915 outfit. There's a centennial celebration in San Diego in April, which will be enough time to put together a lovely outfit. I almost have the combination done.

Steampunk Wood Elf, for no particular reason. I just got the urge one day.

Gambeson, for my friend. It is more or less assembled, but I still need to quilt the bastard.

Mary of Hapsburg hemd, since I didn't get it done last year.

Costumes for Pasadena Con. This year I'm going easier, possibly 1950s. There will also be a skit to go with the outfits instead of just straight costumes.

18th Century stays. I started on a 1780s pair, but I may switch to 1740s for no reason *cough* Outlander *cough*.

No other plans at the moment, but I'm sure other things will get tacked on as time goes by.

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