Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One of the cars, the Buick, has been slowly dying for a while now. It has gotten to the point where the law must be laid down. Elliot and I are now down to one car. The Honda was cleaned out, and once it has been been washed, vacuumed, and sprayed with Febreze it will be the only car we use. The Buick will be sold, and the money used to pay off debts. This means that until I learn to drive stick and take Elliot to work, I have no transportation except walking. Part of the money from the sale of the Buick will go to fixing my bike, to give me more mobility, but we will still be down to one vehicle.
I've recently been considering moving back to Sac for a semester to finish my B.A. Sac-town is an easy place to live, lots of public transit, and it would only be for a short while. The classes I need would be about 7 units, so I would take a couple of fitness or random classes to get me up to full time for loan deferment and financial aid. I could get everything ready and get it done this fall. I have the time to get ready and get it done.

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