Sunday, January 16, 2011

So Sore . . .

A few days ago I hiked/climbed to the top of the falls. It was a scramble, but it was fun, and it left me sore. The next day was spent walking around Ventura in heels; my legs did not feel any better. Yesterday I went for a hike through the Meadow Preserve, which was enlightening and fatigue inducing. Today was a another hike to the falls, but just the bottom one. A little fun climbing, and then my shoulder locked up. Luckily it loosened up soon after. When I got home I still felt that itch for physical exertion, so I started shoveling the pile of dirt that was put on the property to even out holes. Right now the soreness is manageable, though I am dreading tomorrow. On the bright side, if I keep this up I'll have amazing legs, arms, and butt. I haven't done this much exercise in a while, and it feels great.

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