Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Suddenly, May

I didn't die on my recent trip or anything, I just haven't really gone online since. I missed the last two HSF challenges, but I got some work done on my 18th century stays. I'm nearly finished with Castiel's corset, just have the second half to floss before pictures. I now have all the supplies to finish the corsets, and Crowley finally was able to visit, so I can start making her things. Her chemise is nearly done, her drawers about 50%, and I fit the mock-up for her corset while she was here. Pretty soon I'll actually be able to cross off whole layers as completed for everyone, which is good since I've started having nightmares about not finishing in time. No pressure, right? Just my subconscious telling me I'm going to fail. :/

Oh, and the Supernatural season finale is tonight (I'll be watching it tomorrow since I don't have TV), so I need to make up some Bailey's for Castiel and I since we'll be watching it together. And Crying. Possibly Screaming.

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