Saturday, July 30, 2011

Food and things

I disappeared for a while, life happened, and now I've returned. Spent the last few days cooking and cleaning, with some great results. My husband regularly requests certain baked goods from me, and most recently that means crumpets. I threw a English tea party last year and made crumpets for the first time, and he's been requesting them ever since. On a trip to Solvang with my mom, I bought a set of crumpet molds, so I figured I'd try my hand at them again.

So much easier when using proper molds! I tried using a cookie cutter before, and the batter would stick. Plus, it goes much faster when you do four at once.

And nothing goes better with crumpets than jam. My strawberry-cherry jam didn't fully set, probably because I used much less sugar. Most recipes call for so much sugar, and I usually start at half and add more until it's tasty. Next time I'll use low-sugar pectin for my jams. It's a little runny, but it makes up for it in delicious-ness.

Well, there is one thing that goes better with crumpets, and that's lemon curd. Mmm, lemon curd. That turned out perfectly, as usual.

That second image is the hardest part of making lemon curd: that last bit that's too little to put in a mason jar, so you just have to stand in the kitchen and eat it with a spoon. Torturous, really.

I plan to update when I can with images of all I've made. Recipes will follow soon. Peace!

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